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First Time in Houston

302 miles traveled and endless memories obtained. I spent 2 days in Houston exploring parks, farms, tourists traps, nightlife and catching up with old friends. I started off my trip per usual referencing my itinerary that I made for this trip.

Day 1

I touched down at IAH picked up my rental car, my friend and took off. First stop was food because I was starving! We went a vegan spot called “Green Seed Vegan”. Their food was amazing. Most of their items on the menu are sandwiches but  don’t let that deter you, their food is very flavorful! 

Buffalo Bayou Park

After we stuffed out faces we made our way to Buffalo Bayou Park. The original plan was to find all seven thoughts words scattered throughout the park. The trail is a 6 mi. loop. and can be taken by foot or by bike. The tricky part is there are no clear indications as to where any of the thought words were placed and certain part of the trail were closed due to the damage from hurricane Harvey. 

momumental moments - listen

We decided to take the trail by bike. We biked for an hour and a half but only found four out of the seven words. Four total were spotted but only three were photographed. The fourth wasn’t accessible because that part of the trail was closed off.  Overall the trail was beautiful and filled with many nice surprises along the way.

momumental moments - reflect

Smither Park

smither park mosaics

After we exhausted most of our energy at the park we headed south to Smither Park. This park isn’t like a traditional park, it’s only about two blocks long, and is filled with some awesome mosaics! While we were there we had the chance of witnessing how these mosaics become a part of the park.  It’s is a very meticulous process. Artists come in with buckets filled with mosaics and add them to a surface piece by piece. 


smither park mosaics - artists at work

Hermann Park

We left Smither Park then headed over to the Japanese garden located in Hermann Park. We took a short stroll because by then we were hungry again and ready for showers! Hermann Park has plenty to do: 

  • boat rides
  • Japanese garden
  • zoo is located next door
  • arts & sculpture

japanese garden - hermann park

We weren’t able to do it all but with half a day you can enjoy all of the things this park has to offer.

Dinner and Dance

After we were all parked out, we went back to our hotels got ready for dinner, then went out salsa dancing! This last bit was very spur of the moment since the night was young and we weren’t as exhausted as we thought we’d be. I called a salsa school to see where the popular places were to dance in the area. Luckily enough they were having a grand opening for a social they were hosting!

After we ate our dinner and I headed over to the social to take their 2 hour lesson before the dancing began (merengue, bachata and salsa). The atmosphere here is great! It’s located on the second floor of this beautiful ranch style home which was converted to a restaurant/bar. It features a wrap around balcony with outdoor seating. I danced the night after before calling it a night. Not a bad way to introduce myself to Houston! 

Pro tip: This place is great for beginner dancers who want to get out enjoy the night and a few steps. If you are an seasoned dancer, like myself, I’d suggest another place because most of the dancers here are beginners.

Day 2

After letting my body recover from all of the cardio intense activities. The plan for this day based on my itinerary was Galveston Island to enjoy the beach, but after speaking to a few locals they said there was much beach area there.

Houston Space Center

nasa - houston space center

So I 360’d my plans met up with my friend again and we headed to the Houston Space Center. We spent about 3 hours here and still didn’t cover everything. I’d say expect to spend at least 5 hours to go through everything at a comfortable pace. I’d recommend doing the tour first because those run on a schedule and can get pretty busy so you may not get your tour preference without having to wait quite some time. They offer two tours, a shorter and a longer tour, where you can tour the mission control center that was originally used, rockets that were sent off to space explorations and more. We did the shorter tour because of our time constraints, but if you have the time, get there early and do the longer tour. 

houston space center

Horseback Riding

In good old Texas fashion we ended the day with horseback riding! Thankfully we were able to get same day reservations. I’ve never ridden a horse before but it was an experience I can’t forget. The rates for this were also amazing! We did an hour and a half ride for only $50.00 bucks! 

Before we took off we were given the basics of how to ride. My horse’s name was Bentley and boy did he feel like one. He was powerful, smooth and had quite some speed on him, and most importantly I didn’t fall off.

All in all Houston was a ton of fun and I would definitely go back. If you want tips on any additional things to do while in Houston or want your own itinerary created based on your interest, send me a message! 

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