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You Don’t Need a Lot of Time

I don’t have much free time as most people because I work full-time and head my side business, but it’s important for me to stay current with technology. I like  to read, watch or test the latest technologies. I’ll even read or watch video reviews if I’m unable to get my hands on the latest tech. I dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes each day to read up on any new updates. I use Google Alerts and Apple News. Why? Because they send the articles right to me based on keywords that I’ve chosen so I don’t have to waste time browsing for articles.

Do It First

I usually do my reading first thing in before the start of my work day. Once the work day sucks you in it’s hard to calm your mind and relax. I like to read my articles at the start of the day because I’m not tired and I’m not stressed from work yet since the workday hasn’t started yet. I sit down and check my inbox for articles/ phone for apple news notification while I have my breakfast or on the train ride to work.

Keep it Simple

I read through one or two articles depending on my mood and then continue with my day. If I read anything of interest then I’ll favorite it or kept it in my inbox. Some days I’ll have more time than others so if I enjoyed  what I read then I’ll go back to the article and read something else related to the topic if I have spare time

I’ve found it a lot easier to read about tech by having the articles sent to me. I don’t have to look for articles and risk getting distracted by something else during my search. I get to stay-up-date and save myself time.


Follow the following links If you want to know: How to set up Google Alerts or Setting Up Notifications via Apple News.


Vania Nettleford

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