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What the Heck Is an Emoji?

An emoji is a small image we use in digital communications in place of text to express an idea or emotion. These are not to the same as their counterpart, the emoticon:

Emoji –    

Emoticon –  ;P

Emojis are actual pictures.

Now What the Heck is An Emoji Domain?

Emoji domains are exactly what they sounds like, domains  that include emojis. Just as you could send a text saying  I , you could create a domain using emojis:

Typical domain:

Emoji domain:

A few companies have even jumped on board

Should you Run Off and Buy One?

At the current moment I haven’t seen many other uses cases outside of fun marketing campaigns: Coca-Cola and their February campaign.

There are a few things you should keep in mind however, while they’re fun and attention grabbing, it’s very difficult for users to navigate to those websites if they aren’t on their phone.  Another issue to consider is the fact that not all emojis consistent across every platform, which can cause some confusion when translating from one version to another.

If you are still interested you can generate your own emoji link at and then buy an emoji domain at


Vania Nettleford

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