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The Jersey winter blues started to settle in so my friends and I wanted to do a quick getaway. I started to look up flights, found a round-trip flight to Orlando for $99 and found a hotel for $144.33. The hotel would only be about $36 after the 4 way split, so it was no brainer.

I love savings and adventures. If there’s a deal to be found, I make it my mission to find it. I’ll fly Spirit and I won’t check a bag if it will save me a few hundred bucks. Being flexible helps me find the best travel deals.

Quick note, even though I saved a ton on the hotel cost, I wouldn’t recommend this one. I showed the name of it just so that you are able to see the true price.

I spent a total of 4 days in Orlando enjoying the outdoors and night life. I’ll add my receipts below so you’re able to see how it was made possible.

Day 1

I took a night flight out and landed in Orlando at 9:30 PM. We had plans to go out that night, so I shuttled back to the hotel, got ready and went to the fire and ice bar. If you have never done an ice bar before you are given gloves and a jacket before you enter in the room since everything in there was made of ice (bar, cups, etc). We had a few drinks and ended the night there.

Day 2

Let me start off by saying, we packed a ton into this day so try and keep up! The plan was to take a free early morning boat ride from Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, but they wouldn’t let us in since we weren’t guests at the resort. We looped around for a bit and were able to find a launch outside of the resorts, next to the DisneyQuest Interactive Park.

The area has a lot of shops and restaurants so we spent some time looking at the shops and then we headed over to Celebration park.

We chose this place for the reviews. It was visit well worth it! The bike rental company provides you with a map and bottle of water. The route is about 7 miles of paved roads, and features lake views and many beautiful million and multi-million dollar homes. We only did about 3–4 miles in the interest of time, but we were able to see a few million dollar houses and even a 10 million dollar house! It was quite the view!

After the bike tour we grabbed lunch at Cafe Tu Tu, then went over to Paradise Cove at Buena Vista Watersports for about an hour of kayaking.

You can only imagine how tired we were after all of those activities, so we went back to the hotel for a much deserved nap. We didn’t leave the hotel until later on that night for the show, DRIP. We weren’t allowed to record/take pictures while inside, but it’s located inside of an industrial bar and the love story is full of color and movement. Expect to get a bit messy

After this show we had to go back to the hotel clean off before we went out that night. We ended the night at Mango’s for some latin dancing

Day 3

This was our last day in Orlando before our early morning flight out the next day. We slept in and didn’t start the day until late afternoon. We headed over to Gatorland to go zip-lining for the day. Yes, you guessed correctly, we zip-lined over gators. This was great way to end our adventure!

It was great being able to experience Orlando outside of the Disney parks. There’s plenty to see and do at an affordable price. If you want tips on any additional things to do while in Orlando or want your own itinerary created based on your interest, send me a message!

Round Trip Flight (EWR->MCO): $98.38
Hotel: $144.33 / 4 = $36.08
Round-Trip Shuttle from Hotel to Airport: $36.00
Kayaking: $14.00
DRIP: $29.00
Zip-lining: $68.00/2 = $34
Icebar: $20
Bike Rental: $15

Total: $282.46

Vania Nettleford

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